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There is a Chinese notion that in addition to north and south, east and west, the most important orientation is "in." It is because of this inward focus that the Chinese culture looked for paradise inside of things, just as western culture looked upward and outside.

In Chinese art, this orientation caused a search for ′a world within a world.′ And Chinese stones began to bring this notion to life through jewelry and Zen teachings.

A to Zen took inspiration from this symbolism and developed its logo with...

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Executive Coach and Master Spirit Life Coach

Bina Jhaveri has always had an intense zest for understanding people and what drives them. Her spunk and inquisitiveness to explore something new and different eventually led her away from the glorious corporate arena in Los Angeles, California and took her on a journey across the globe to Mumbai, India.

With over 20 years of professional global experience, Bina brings a unique blend of various industry-specific experiences as well as a best-practice approach to relationship marketing, creative strategy, communication, planning and process building, media focused advertising  and executive & leadership coaching…

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