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Executive Coach and Master Spirit Life Coach

Bina Jhaveri has always had an intense zest for understanding people and what drives them. Her spunk and inquisitiveness to explore something new and different eventually led her away from the glorious corporate arena in Los Angeles, California and took her on a journey across the globe.

With over 20 years of professional global experience, Bina brings a unique blend of various industry-specific experiences as well as a best-practice approach to relationship marketing, creative strategy, communication, planning and process building, media focused advertising  and executive & leadership coaching…


Coaching is a very special journey and relationship. It's an equal and mutually respectful engagement...


You may have heard that your body is your temple. Well, it truly is. Your state of health and being...


The dimensions a coach can work with you on are countless, however most of us create...


Coaching is sometimes confused with therapy or counseling, however it is far different. Coaching involves a present and peaceful state of mind which is focused on reaching a particular goal or destination. Therefore, it is geared towards a “forward-thinking” approach rather than a place of healing or resolving of past issues. It’s positive, kinetic and empowering! Learn more…


This program specifically isolates 1-2 goals that you want to achieve in order to create maximum impact within those areas of your life. We will focus our efforts to reach newer heights with these goals, thus creating a more confident and…

Sessions will be executed within a group setting, in-person, either at the clients’ office or external venue. These sessions will consist of group building activities as well as individual goal setting exercises. (A minimum of 3 months will be…

This distinctive program focuses on helping corporates achieve broader, more visionary goals specifically aligned with their organizations. It involves an audit phase which identifies areas of the company…

the inside scooP

“I wish I had enough words to describe what I have achieved through my coaching.  She came as a boon to my life. Well I did 6 months of personal coaching with Bina and I feel I have transformed myself in a new life with respect to my health, personal life and career goals.  I was in a state where I was completely lost in life and she helped me tremendously to get my life together, taking me to the depth of within my own self and give me an amazing sense… read more

Y. J., Mumbai


“When I began coaching, I was in a dark, sad and really unhealthy kind of place. I needed someone to hear me out, to console me, to offer me some kind of direction. I found all that in you, Bina. You have been so fantastic, I cannot even attempt to describe it. The greatest thing you gave me was faith. You instilled a little bit more faith in me, every time we Skyped. Today, at the end of the greatest three months of my life, I am full of hope, happiness and positiveness… read more

M.S., Delhi


“Coaching changed my life as it made me look at where I was stuck and unleash the power within those areas. 1. I set a measurable 5-year, 3-year, 1-year and 60 day goals. 2. I managed to create a great working relationship with my brother. 3. I buried a personal relationship where I was settling for someone who was not in love with me. 4. I cleaned the slate to brace with clear confidence that I am deserving of a solid, fulfilling life-partner who will love me… read more

S. D., Mumbai

Fashionista & Business Owner

I was referred to you by a common friend and was not sure on how I wanted to proceed on coaching. After we met, I was very enthused by the whole concept and that’s how we started. The entire experience was superb as it gave me a chance to discuss with a professional friend all issues like work, personal matters, children etc. An insight into my own likes and dislikes was also a unique analysis. The small exercises we did were very helpful. The best was your suggestion on a diet plan that I have yet stuck to. This was a huge help!… read more

Sanjay Toshniwal, Mumbai

President – Marisa International

“Coaching with Bina was an enlightening experience. She taught me motivation, great action steps and sustainability.The most precious take-away was a change in my core beliefs that were stuck with me and were not helpful at all. Bina is very committed and conducted every session with the same sincerity. She regularly sent me beautiful mails on affirmations and other reflection exercise. Bina, your warm approach has been amazing and I will always thank you for priceless revelations!

Aparna Mysorekar

Practicing Life Coach, Mumbai

Bina worked with me as a Life Coach for over a year as I was preparing for a transition from being an intense hands on the wheels entrepreneur to a life as a learner and mentor. She brings a rare combination of strategic intent and emotional intelligence to the coaching process.

R.M., Singapore and Guragaon



  • Lenovo Group
  • Dell International
  • Tata Services, Ltd.
  • Whirlpool (I) Ltd.
  • Cognizant
  • Nestle
  • Deccan Chronicle Group
  • Unilever Industries pvt. Ltd.
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • NEEV Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
  • SAR Group
  • …and many more
“Know what you want. Then make it happen.”


“Find your fire. And ignite it.”


“Be a game changer. The world has enough followers.”


“Never mistake movement for action.”


“If something doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”


“Make the Invisible – Visible.”


“Don’t expect. Aspire.”


“Connect your Intention and Impact.”


“Expand Insight, Intuition and Awareness.”


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