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Corporate Programs


Do you ever experience a shortage of time yet are always under pressure? Is stress getting to you? Do you feel there are not enough hours in a day/week/month/year to accomplish your goals, plans, to-do’s etc.? Well then…Time Management Coaching is for you! Learn the lasting tricks and techniques that allow you to live-work-play with more freedom, abundance, focus and ease. Understand how your personality plays a role and how to overcome obstactles that stand in the way of you and your Timedom!


This distinctive program focuses on helping corporates achieve broader, more visionary goals specifically aligned with their organizations. It involves an audit phase which identifies areas of the company requiring improvement or change. Thereafter, services are recommended and executed. (Examples include: Development of a business plan, brand building or brand repositioning, strategic marketing, planning and process creation, organizational structure and creation of a vision board, and much more.)

CARDINAL Business Coaching

Sessions will be executed within a group setting, in-person, either at the clients’ office or external venue. These sessions will consist of group building activities as well as individual goal setting exercises. (A minimum of 3 months is required and the number of participants should be 10-16 keeping it intimate yet interactive).

This is for anyone within the organization identified to receive coaching including line staff to line managers in departments such as Sales, Business Development, Marketing, HR, etc.

INSPIRE Executive Coaching

These sessions will entail a ‘Circle of Life’ approach where the sessions will touch on each important aspect of your life (ex. Career, Health, Family, Personal Growth & Spirit). The sessions will be executed in person OR over Skype with two group conference calls, one to kick off and one to conclude the Coaching Program. (A minimum of 6 months is required)

This group will typically be at a very senior level and direct reports to MD’s, Presidents or Founder of Company including CEO, COO, CMO, CTO, VP, etc. These individuals will be an exclusive group within the organization who will receive this coaching program.

AIM Executive Coaching

Sessions will be executed 1-1 over Skype with the last session of each quarter conducted in person. This will be to strengthen the relationship between client and coach and ensure the ASPIRE Leadership Program can be adjusted as necessary to ensure maximum success for the client. (A minimum of 9 months is required in order to measure milestones and growth)

This group will typically consist of senior level positions within the Company who are ready to take themselves to the next phase/level in their success path and/or carve a global edge for themselves. They also may be leaders who simply want to live a more fulfilled and balanced lifestyle.

The LEAD Academy

This dynamic program helps you understand yourself better, adapt to changes and be agile, hone in on particular skills taking them to the next level, create confidence, clarity and personal development on various levels including goal setting and achievement, conscious leadership and awakening passion from within!

The benefits are forward thinking management, alignment of internal culture, smarter proudctivity and direct impact on ROI. The group will typically consist of senior level management, specific departments or anyone identified within the company for Coaching. The sessions will take place 1-1, once a week with each individual.