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Assertiveness is linked to self-esteem and considered a crucial communication skill. In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to develop and refine this behavioral modality. It dertimines your approach to life, work, relationships and simply put – thriving! Get away from passive and aggressive tendancies and learn to be and stay in control by managing your life, creating a healthy and balanced approach to work as well as personal relationships – all through Assertiveness Coaching! Learn to say a “Positive” No, Understand the correct way to use Body Language, decipher the difference between Internal & External tendencies and Communicate Effectively while Creating Influence + so much more!

Ever find yourself in a tight SPOT? Whether it’s a last minute presentation, interview jitters, apprasial anxiety or you’re about to propose to your beloved and your nerves are failing you… Now, there’s hope! Introducing SPOT Coaching. Avail an on- the-spot 1 hour session with me, via Skype or in-person and get back to living life, king-size.  It’s that easy.  All you have to do is Reserve YOUR Spot!

This program specifically isolates one goal that you want to achieve in order to create maximum impact within that areas of your life. We will focus our efforts to reach newer heights, thus creating a more confident and achieved you.

This Program is designed purposely to focus on the 5 core areas of your life. These areas complete the individual and usually help define who they are. It is important to keep these areas of your life in balance and treat them with the utmost respect. In this program, our goal will be to enhance your Circle of Life, creating a larger breath around your Circle and break thru existing boundaries. (Examples include: Family, Relationships, Career, Heath and Spirit.)

This Program is our newest addition and is as unique as it’s name. It helps you discover what you want out of your life, what it is that really excites you and helps you achieve limitless potential. It’s all about discovering (or rediscovering) your Passion! Answer your true-calling and stay motivated for good.  Follow your dreams and fulfill YOUR ideal life…!




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