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Wellness is an important topic because we live in times where we are looking for preventive measures rather than falling suit to sickness or reactionary approaches when it comes to mental, physical or emotional spirit. This Program is a deep exploration integrating the mind,body and spirit with a balanced flow of energy. It allows you to be more conscious of your thoughts, choices, behaviors and actions. Understand your Individuality, Recognize Yourself from the Inside-Out, Create Change and engage in new strategies that will give you a roadmap to Wellness for Life!

Introducing Couple Coaching. Let Cupid create it’s magic in a way you may have never imagined….

Learn how to strengthen your bond, ignite that spark, create romance everyday and work towards a soul connection that will bring you closer than ever before. All this, while maintaining your individuality with respect & dignity.
This program focuses specifically on the both of you as individual beings as well as a couple. Therefore, there is a unique component built in each month to have individual sessions and sessions together with your partner. This way,  the focus is on enhancing your own persona, communication & behavior along with creating more unity when coming together.  It’s an enriching and soulful experience that you will thank your lucky stars for!

A to Zen provides coaching services to anyone who is “coachable” depending on what it is specifically they want to improve in their lives. This program is customized in-full based on the clients lifestyle needs and can include Head-to-Toe improvements from image enhancement, grooming, etiquette, elocution, public speaking to creating more inner peace and harmony. Creative tools and out of the box modes will be administered to create maximum coaching impact.

This unique program is tailored for individuals and corporate head honchos on the go! Individuals who juggle crazy schedules, travel extensively or generally have a packed day can now achieve their personal goals through this program. Two 25-minute Skype sessions, weekly within a 4-week month will keep you motivated, on the cutting-edge and polished for success!


Our Spirit Program is one of our most exceptional services. It entails a holistic view of the individual wherein they learn to incorporate Spirit within their everyday life. This extraordinary program will help you immensely in becoming a better human being, respecting individuality, understanding the universe and the larger role it plays, meditative practices, deliberately attract more of what you want, manifest your dreams and so much more.


Our G&D Programs include customized topics chosen by our clients or ones already created by A to Zen. These sessions are held through Workshops, Speaking Engagements, Round Table Sessions, or as an extension of the company’s HR initiatives. Examples include: Bringing Passion Back into the Workplace, Brand Building, The Greatness of Gratitude, The Success Manual, etc.



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