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Is Coaching Right for You

Answer a few quick questions and find out if you are “Coachable.” It’s that easy and you can be on your way to a new, improved and confident YOU.

Choose “Yes” or “No”

 Yes No I am a goal-oriented individual and formulating goals helps me think more clearly.
 Yes No Balance in my life is very important to me.
 Yes No I am open and willing to explore further what my strengths are.
 Yes No I am curious to learn more about myself and my abilities.
 Yes No I believe a healthy mind and body are equally important to the success story.
 Yes No I am open to embracing change if it helps me improve myself.
 Yes No I am a person that believes in taking responsibility for all his/her actions.
 Yes No I am ready to evolve to the next phase in my career and life.
 Yes No I believe spirituality is an intrinsic part of who I am.
 Yes No I strongly believe it is important to invest in myself.

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