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Coaching is a very special journey and relationship. It’s an equal and mutually respectful engagement between a coach and their client. The purpose is to help clients achieve desirable results in their personal and professional lives. Coaches guide individuals in improving performance, achieving results, thriving and taking their lives to the next level. This is achieved through various techniques mastered by the coach which typically involve building strong rapport, deep listening, guided questioning, intuition and constructive feedback with their client.

Coaching is sometimes confused with therapy or counseling, however it is far different. Coaching involves a present and peaceful state of mind which is focused on reaching a particular goal or destination. Therefore, it is geared towards a “forward-thinking” approach rather than a place of healing or resolving of past issues. It’s positive, kinetic and empowering!

A coach acts as your proactive well wisher and non-judgmental supporter. Your cheerleader if you will. And who doesn’t need a cheerleader in their life! Someone to rally them in today’s day and age. They also help you in discovering your own path, finding answers and solutions that are practical, tangible and creative. After all, you are your best inner guide…you may just not know it yet.

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