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Bina Jhaveri always had an intense zest for understanding people and what drives them, which has led her away from the corporate arena in Los Angeles, California all the way to Mumbai, India.

With over 25 years of professional global expertise, she brings a unique blend of industry-specific experience as well as a best-practice approach to relationship marketing, creative strategy, communication, planning and process-building, media focused advertising as well as leadership coaching.

Bina became an Internationally Certified Executive Coach & Master Spirit Life Coach through the Certified Coaches Alliance in 2011 and was given an honorarium through the International Coaches Federation (ICF) in 2013. As an Intuitive Strategist and Zen Coach, she works with several top-notch clients from various backgrounds, forging unique partnerships, helping them attain and exceed their goals.

Bina holds an MBA in International Management and was chosen as the first faculty in India through Symbiosis Coaching in 2012 to teach their ICF Certified Coaching Program.

Q. How is Self Help changing in India? 

B: Self Help has always been a positive word. The unfortunate part is that people misunderstood it. This is no longer the case.  It is changing in a big way in India and individuals are beginning to feel empowered in the way they look at their lives and their future. Through education, exposure and a will to improve themselves, they are seeking various resources that are readily available today to create meaningful differences in enhancing and developing themselves as well as their relationships with others. The best part is, the initial taboos that stood in the way are slowly disappearing and people are no longer feeling helpless or ashamed to seek betterment and wellness. They are getting the fact that development is power, not weakness.

Q. How do you see technology changing the Self Help Industry? 

B: Technology is enabling individuals and groups to privately and conveniently seek assistance in various aspects of their lives through articles, portals, e-books as well as personal coaching via Skype. They are also able to take customized courses in areas such as Communication, Confidence, Assertiveness and many more through the comfort of their homes.  This is creating a smarter and more agile society across the board.  So whether it’s a student embarking on a career, a housewife or an executive, they all benefit in different ways based on their situation and need.  Technology has also brought a best-practice and international approach to our fingertips. The quick-tips and bite-size way of receiving information from world-renowned experts and authors allows one to digest and comprehend information in a meaningful way rather than feel overwhelmed or spend hours or months at a stretch understanding it. Blogs, Apps, and Webinars to name a few are also convenient ways to tune into through Smart Phones and then you are back to living life.   They also keeps the end user in the drivers’ seat as they seek what they desire at any given time in a hassle-free manner.

Q. Is it possible to find work, family, life balance in a Metro? 

B: Anything and everything is absolutely possible if the need is bad enough. It has to be a burning desire, not a mere want or “nice to have.” This comes down to being clear and recognizing the true need for balance in one’s life, consciously working towards it, monitoring it and creating checks and balances in place. It also means the commitment to achieve this has to be near or on the dot of 100%. Nothing less!

Q. Which are your 5 favourite Self Help Books? 

B: My favourite all time books include 1) Wabi Sabi Love by Arielle Ford; 2) The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma; 3) In the Meantime by Iyanla Vanzant; 4) The Knowing-Doing Gap by Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert Sutton; 5) The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran.

Q. Is personal coaching picking up in India? What is the age group and demographic of such people? 

B: Personal Coaching is picking up in a big way in India, especially within the Corporate and Professional space. Through building better people and creating strength-based teams and organizations, companies see more retention, increased productivity and higher revenues. This also trickles into the personal equation as we are witnessing more competition and a need to stand apart on an individual platform.  Thus, people opt to work with a Coach who can guide them in areas they want to enhance and create impactful change within. Furthermore, as lives get busier, balance and focus on personal relationships is also dwindling. Again, people seek Coaches to help them create thriving relationships, soul partnerships and meaningful interactions in various ways.  And as we are all living through dimensions of self, a greater need for understanding oneself better, gaining deeper purpose and creating a proactive life are also hot areas today where individuals seek out Coaches.  Therefore, the age group and demographic is anyone and everyone – there are no biases here. In general however, entrepreneurs, professionals and top executives tend to avail coaching more frequently as their work demands excellence, polishing of their skill sets as well as a forward outlook. They skew male aging from their late 30’s to 60’s.

Q. How can coaching help an already successful CEO? 

B: The word success is very relative. If you are successful today, you may not equate this to success two years down the line. To add to this, priorities also keep changing and shifting as we move through different phases in our lives. And to top it off, experiences, circumstances and situations also impact our way of being. Therefore, Coaching can be extremely powerful and guide you dynamically in real-time no matter what stage or phase you are in at the current moment. A CEO may be successful today and is now thinking about building sustainable leadership so his organization can grow and prosper for years to come.  A Coach can work with him/her in creating this reality. Another CEO may want to create a legacy based business so again, a Coach can guide them in doing the same co-creatively. Or perhaps, their ambitions may be to move into a higher role or then pursue a long-time passion such as starting his own venture. A Coach can assist through these transitions and work closely with him/her in each area they deem important. So as you can see, a Personal Coach is an ally, collaborator and supporter, professionally and/or personally who always keep your best interest at heart. This allows anyone and any stage in their live to achieve their goals, no matter how big or tiny.  That’s thePower of Coaching!

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