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Nico Bombay Brings Italy to my Lips!!!

I usually don’t write about restaurants but this I could not give a miss! I have to share my recent experience with you all. In this big bad city of ours, there is a dearth of options to choose from on any given night when it comes to one’s gastronomically advanced needs. From sophisticated street food to fast food, café style eateries to chic fusion joints. And of course, the occasional fine-dining which allow us to put on our fancy clothes and feel a bit fine ourselves.

Before I begin salivating, let me first give you a quick recap on how my husband and I spend our Sundays. We wake up at leisure and head straight for brunch. The day then progresses with a spa session or visit to the mall, a coffee catch-up with friends or off to the local bookstore and a final finish at the movies. The thing to note is – it starts with brunch. It’s ALL about “The Brunch.” Not only are we both foodies, we love checking out the newest, most talked-about places in town to give our palette a go. So I usually begin my “brunch research” by Thursday or Friday and make a reservation well in advance. This includes trying restaurants that have something different, unique and experimental on the menu as the usual feels quite passé after doing brunches for more than two years now.

That’s when I happen to stumble upon Nico Bombay.

As we entered, the place had such a nostalgic feel as if we were suddenly transported to somewhere quaint in Europe. The window table called out to me. The view outside was picture perfect showcasing the old-world charm of a bi-lane within quintessential Fort. The music made us feel alive from within our soul as we settled in, listening to the likes of Peggy Lee and Billie Holiday. It was quiet and windy outside and the rain added to the romance we were just about to embark upon…

After looking at the menu which is not afraid to stick to the basics and also dramatically experiment with unusual ingredients; marrying them together to create a party in your mouth, we set our eyes on Pizza. We went for their well-known Flatbread Margarita which includes imported extra virgin olive oil and imported buffalo mozzarella cheese. Yes, we like it basic! We began our adventure with white wine Sangrias and garlic bread. The Sangrias were not only chilled to perfection but loaded with fruit which was a refreshing departure from the usual apple-only types you get in the City. Ours was bubbling over with whole red grapes, oranges, apple, and melon. It was simply amazing.

Then the garlic bread arrived which pretty much melted in our mouth, yet was so light. The bread was gourmet, soft and fluffy and the flavor was perfected to say the least. Simplistic at its Best!

We took a mini break and stepped out to enjoy the drizzle by getting comfortable on the cute bench perched outside the restaurant and were nature and people gazing. It really felt ultra relaxing and calm as if we were transported to another era.

It was time for The Pizza. Oh my goodness, it was as if heaven was just put in front of us to take a bite out of! The cheese was oozing, the sauce had the perfect balance of tartness and freshness and the crust came with the precise amount of salt and softness. It made us contemplate, what tasted better – the whole pizza or just the crust! It was a stiff competition. 🙂 What really created the ultimate difference was the drizzle of the extra virgin olive oil on top of the pizza combining the flavors all together…what a remarkable touch. It was an exotic explosion in our mouths!

We devoured our Pizza and could not believe that we polished it off without feeling that heavy feeling in our stomachs that one usually does. So we got ambitious and asked for dessert. What followed was the most decadent Cloud 9 experience which simply blew us away…their Cheesecake! This by far, has been the best cheesecake I have tasted in India, period. I can’t say anything more here, you have just got to go there and try it for yourself.

This heaven on earth experience with Nico Bombay stayed with us for days so much so that we went back three more times within two weeks. Each time, our joy of being there and interacting with the place through their simply delicious food, rustic ambience, ever-ready staff and perfection in every detail keeps us dreaming of when we will be going again. The staff at Nico Bombay really goes out of their way to make things just right and we are always greeted with a warm smile and personalized service.

Nico, hats off to you for putting your dream on a platter. You deserve kudos for your dedication in bringing Italy to India and also sticking true to yourself which includes being stylish and unique.

We look forward to Friday night when we get to listen to the wonderful live band with the renowned Rahul Chatz strumming Jazz n’ Blues under candle light with wine as company while we await the beautiful food to come.

See you soon and thank you for making our Brunch Time so Pleasurable & Memorable! 🙂

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