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Has your gut been telling you something lately? Are your mind and heart in two different places?  Or are you someone that needs to silence their daily chaos more often? It’s time to live from the inside out. There is a difference in how we feel when we are aligned fully, MIND-BODY-SOUL.  This holistic approach can be mastered by you and I can guide you how…

Start 2017 off by making a DIFFERENCE to Yourself!  Email me today for further details:


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    3 Responses to “Living with Intuition”

    1. Nirupa Bhatt says:

      I read about you in symbiosis communication. I live in mumbai and considering to learn coaching as career option. I would like to speak with you. Tks.

    2. Jignesha Bhansali says:

      Hi Bina, i would like to learn of being a life coach, kindly give me more details, thank you

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