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There’s no better way to show your Gratitude than through Giving. Each time we give, we acknowledge that we are blessed and graced with enough in our lives that we can afford to think beyond ourselves. This intention is then sent out into the Universe as a vibration and echoes back to us that we are in a position to do far more for others. This simple yet conscious thought is the inspiration behind my carefully thought-out range of exclusive gifting solutions.

Introducing Bliss and Blessings from A to Zen Coaching…

Inspired by nature and cared for by hand, each gift weaves in exclusive elements that soothe your soul and caress your mind. Elements such as stone, water, petals, gems and bamboo are infused in combination and/or isolation to create a mind-body-spirit connection.

These remarkable gifts are unique in terms of the materials used, presentation platform and complete packaging. Each gift envelops a unique wrap garnished with a personalized note, describing the healing and inspirational elements of the item. The final delivery is blessed with two ornate bells, symbolic for Bliss and Blessings, sending good wishes and a soothing vibration from you to your recipient.


Conveniently choose from 3 primary gifting categories:


Corporate Camaraderie

When it comes to business gestures, we are usually at a loss. How do you convey a partnership you forged meant so much to you, or an employee really went that extra mile? Or perhaps, you are truly happy for someone’s new found success. Often times, our thoughts don’t convey the right amount of gratefulness we really feel. With Bliss and Blessings, you can choose the perfect gift for the occasion of the hour whether it’s an office inauguration, company picnic, employee appreciation night or your PA’s birthday. Each gift will leave a memorable impression and convey your warm appreciation!



Grandness resides in the now. Your present moment. And I can’t emphasize that enough. It is these very moments that create our thread of life-long memories. So in essence, every day is a reason to celebrate, no matter how big or small. Understanding this and digesting it as a part of you will stir up the ultimate excitement to share with others. So whether your beloved is coming home after a business trip, it’s your best friend’s birthday or THE BIG anniversary, nothing will convey your thoughtfulness and love better than a Bliss and Blessings gesture!


Shades of Life

Our lives are a reflection of who we are. Inside and out. It tells our personal story and displays our feelings so effortlessly. Your home or personal space should be adorned with things that salute everything you are. Beautiful. Thoughtful. Strong. Successful. Patient. And the list goes on. It has to celebrate You in the ultimate way. And it should be a constant reminder of how blissful and cherished your life really is. With creations from Bliss and Blessings, come home to yourself, every single day and create your own Life of Zen!


Bliss and Blessings Simple Living. Higher Giving.


Blue Rae Bookmarks Mother Natural Sun-Kissed Nature
Inspired Wisdom Series Glimmer of Life The Serving Tray
The Vertical Garden Lucky Bamboo Pot Message in a Bottle
Champagne & Red Roses The Orange Sun Bowl The Abundance Basket
The Spirit of Fruit The Zen Corner The Seasons Harvest
Gift A Coach The Pamper Hamper The Seed of Growth
The Zen Hamper Timeless Nature


Disclaimer: Rates may vary based on actual size, quantity, availability and seasonality. A to Zen Coaching has the right to revise rates at any time based on its sole discretion. Images and gifts shown herein are depictions for viewing purposes only and can change based on product availability and client requirements. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for delivery after order is placed. Shipping and Handling additional. All Rights Reserved.