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Saluting the Spirit of Women

This Women’s Day, I want to especially celebrate our sisterhood because through the power of our connection, we have overcome obstacles and made our mark in the world.  And a pretty bold and permanent one at it!

Women are not only special, they are extra-ordinary. They are not only mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends and companions but also angels in disguise. The heart of a woman is unmatched. Her ability to rise and be vulnerable as well as her keen sense to nurture and guide make her all encompassing.

Today, women are not only creating wonders but breaking records and being recognized for their unparallel abilites in leadership as well as entrepreneurship.

I feel so proud to be a woman and blessed to have so many sisters out there in the world!!! May we always shine, love and live with spirit. And may we always spread positivity through our eyes, lips and smile.


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