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Five Sure-Fire Tips To Be Noticed

112 We live in times where it’s easy to get buried. Whether it’s due to a hectic social life, an overload at work or the never-ending list of ambitions      you may have, somewhere, they can be justified because they are circumstantial. You can adjust a few things and get on track with a more    balanced approach to your life.

But what if YOU, as an individual, get buried or become invisible? What if no one notices you? How would this impact your life, work,  relationships and self-esteem?

As we continue to focus on things externally, we can easily lose ourselves in the bargain. We stop paying attention to who we really are. The  process we chase on the outside not only corrodes away at our inner being, it also creates a hazy picture of what lies ahead. And both of these  take us away from the present moment. So then we must ask ourselves – where do we live?

Below are some guiding points to help you get yourself Be Noticed & acknowledge what you see, with confidence.

1. Make Your No. 1 Priority – You

This is about self-concentration and development. Taking care of yourself on every level, builds a healthy esteem & gives you energy, & unshakable resolve. You look forward to waking up each day because the agenda is, You! Make a list of the things that are important to you like enhancing your career, connecting with your life purpose, creating thriving relationships, etc.

2. Do More ‘Happy’

When you ask people what they want out of life, 9 out of 10 will say, I want to be happy. Yet they go through life doing the exact opposite simply by making choices that take them away from this. Spend your time in the same way you would if you had any other goal such as buying a house, getting a new car or a better job. Create a plan, take action-steps, and tweak as need be. If Happiness is your Ultimate Goal, what do you need to do right now?

3. Exude Your Inner Spark

Allow your inner positivity to shine out and you will notice the world bringing you more of what you desire.. When you celebrate yourself and your life, it will exude through your enthusiasm when interacting with others. Your your energy will be contagious and you will begin to draw others to yourself!

4. Build on Your Best Attributes

It’s time to stop focusing on what’s not perfect and begin to see the good things you have, including your strengths and attributes. Just like your muscles not being used makes them dull and rusty, your strengths and attributes need the same attention. Polish them, compound them and use them to better yourself and help others.

5. Speak Without Uttering a Word

Many times, saying less speaks far more. When we speak continuously, we miss out on many opportunities that present themselves. Listening, reflecting and using information in a manner that will empower us and the situation at hand allows us to communicate with poise and confidence creating more impact and effect.

Practice the above steps and they will begin to feel like a natural part of you. Using them in tandem will create solid inner belief, confidence and self-mastery! It’s only by noticing yourself first will others notice you. Celebrate Yourself!

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