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Coming from a place of fondness, warmth, attachment and endearment translates easily into our personal relationships most of the time, however, how do you practice coming from a place of love and care professionally? Here are some overall thoughts:

1. Love What You Do
Loving what you spend your time doing each and every day is known to increase your “happy hormone,” create a longer life span and keep diseases at bay. Not to mention the daily benefits of a relaxed and positive mindset. Ensure you are in a job or career you enjoy, assess changes as they occur and monitor your path forward on a periodic basis. Aligning yourself with tasks and actions you enjoy creates confidence and keeps you on a focused path. For more information on how to Master Your Job Search, contact atozencoaching.com

2. Embrace The Process
The very process that shapes you into who we are, the changes that come with where you want to go and the journey of achieving our goals needs to be respected. A lot of people are focused on reaching a destination and are impatient about the transformation that enables them to get there. The process itself is the grit that builds character and creates authenticity within you.

3. Worship The People
The people and teams you interact with professionally are as special as your personal relations, perhaps just in a different manner. Learn to approach them with respect, trust, honour and loyalty. This will allow you to come from a place of love and genuine care for each of them through verbal and nonverbal communication and dealings. After all, they work and support you in your professional goals and achievements by contributing their bit each day.

4. Beckon The Nuances
Understand that on a fundamental level, we are all supposed to be different, think different and act different. Otherwise, we would have clones all around us. Embrace this very fact and action this thought on a conscious level when differences arise at work with colleagues and decisions. Know that these variations keep you challenged, growing and learning more about human relations ongoing.

5. Do It All With Passion
Practice each of the above steps not because it’s the thing to do but because on a more conscious level, coming from a place of love creates a positive way of life and betterment of self. Do it through sheer passion no matter who or what the situation demands. This demonstration will create a leadership quality within you that will be truly remarkable, exemplary and lasting.

Love is an positive approach which directs the emotion towards each area of our life so that we can be our best self in any given situation. Coming from a place of love should be an integrated way of working. It’s time this word becomes the new “buzz” within organizations creating more team play, camaraderie and cultural sensitivity.

Ready. Steady. Zen…

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