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“Bina worked with me as a Life Coach for over a year as I was preparing for a transition from being an intense hands on the wheels entrepreneur to a life as a learner and mentor.

She brings a rare combination of strategic intent and emotional intelligence to the coaching process.”

– R.M., Singapore and Guragaon (Founder, SAR Group)

“Bina Jhaveri was my instructor in my certification in Life coaching program. Bina has the knack of making her students very comfortable and relates well when it comes to the core content of the program. The Break out sessions with her has been enjoyable, fun and of course, Learning as the integral part.

Bina has clarity and is thought provoking in her discussions.  She equally allows learning to take place while taking the classes. She is Highly enthusiastic as a person and very passionate about  the subject.

Her examples are contemporary and practical and her methodology is

” Give a man a fish and you feed him a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him his whole life.”

During the course period, I was always looking forward to my Wednesday classes every week and 50% of the  credit goes to Bina.”


“Coaching with Bina was an enlightening experience. She taught me motivation, great action steps and sustainability.The most precious take-away was a change in my core beliefs that were stuck with me and were not helpful at all.

Bina is very committed and conducted every session with the same sincerity. She regularly sent me beautiful mails on affirmations and other reflection exercises.

Bina, your warm approach has been amazing and I will always thank you for priceless revelations!”

– Aparna Mysorekar, Practicing Life Coach, Mumbai

“Bina was very valuable in terms of helping me to take action on my goals. She provided a lot of motivation & learning. Her questions were excellent and I had so many “Ah Ha” Moments during our sessions. These led to amazing changes!

– Aspiring Coach in Training

“I was referred to you by a common friend and was not sure on how I wanted to proceed on coaching. After we met, I was very enthused by the whole concept and that’s how we started. The entire experience was superb as it gave me a chance to discuss with a professional friend all issues like work, personal matters, children etc. An insight into my own likes and dislikes was also a unique analysis. The small exercises we did were very helpful. The best was your suggestion on a diet plan that I have yet stuck to. This was a huge help!

Also on the business side, I was able to discuss several issues and get valuable guidance and newer ways to think. So overall it was a terrific experience and I would love to do follow up sessions.

Highly recommended to people who want to get to the next level.”

 – Sanjay Toshniwal, Mumbai (President – Marisa International, Lotus Global Pvt. Ltd., Bomanite India)

“The most important thing I want to highlight about Bina is that this woman changed my life. I approached Bina as a fearful and overwhelmed girl but with a BURNING DESIRE. Bina very skillfully calmed me down and made me feel that all my feelings were very normal. It was a huge sense of relief for me.”

“Without hard imposition of anything on me, she would brainstorm and would crack me open. She guided me to take up small but right actions to achieve my BURNING DESIRE.”

– M. D., Doha (Flight Crew and Aspiring Life Coach)

“Coaching changed my life as it made me look at where I was stuck and unleash the power within those areas.

1. I set a measurable 5-year, 3-year, 1-year and 60 day goals.

2. I managed to create a  great working relationship with my brother.

3. I buried a personal  relationship where I was settling for someone who was not in love with me.

4. I cleaned the slate to brace with clear confidence that I am deserving of a solid, fulfilling life-partner who will love me (my soulmate!)

I now know what I want and what I don’t, am more in love with life and myself and much more positive about the future!  Bina – you are very passionate about your work, very disciplined, very attentive, and loving. THANK YOU! “

– S. D., Mumbai (Fashionista and Business Owner)

“When I began coaching, I was in a dark, sad and really unhealthy kind of place. I needed someone to hear me out, to console me, to offer me some kind of direction. I found all that in you, Bina. You have been so fantastic, I cannot even attempt to describe it. The greatest thing you gave me was faith. You instilled a little bit more faith in me, every time we Skyped. Today, at the end of the greatest three months of my life, I am full of hope, happiness and positiveness.  You were firm when I strayed, you celebrated each of my successes, big and small, with me and you were there to pick up the pieces when I felt blue. Thank you for all of that.”

“Thank you for making me believe in myself and for showing me that no goal is too big, no goal is unattainable. You are the best kind of person I know and I am truly honored to have been coached by you.”

Lots and lots of love Binaaa!

– M.S., Delhi (College Student)

“Bina is a very caring and affectionate person. This is translated into her work where you feel at ease and comfortable to talk to her. She is truly a brilliant life coach who has helped me overcome my fears and stand up for what I believe in.”

– Shaheen Bandukwalla, Mumbai (Gemologist)

“I wish I had enough words to describe what I have achieved through my coaching.  She came as a boon to my life. Well I did 6 months of personal coaching with Bina and I feel I have transformed myself in a new life with respect to my health, personal life and career goals.  I was in a state where I was completely lost in life and she helped me tremendously to get my life together, taking me to the depth of within my own self and give me an amazing sense of courage and direction towards my life. Today I feel motivated to lead my life in an extraordinary and fearless way and all thanks to her. She is not only an extraordinary professional life coach but also a human being with such a great values.  She works more out of personal passion rather than just as a professional. I will definitely miss my coaching a lot and especially Bina as a human, friend and buddy and am sure in near future we will get back together for achieving some extraordinary milestones.”

“I wish Bina many more successes and may she get  enough opportunities to touch more human beings and just add amazing value to their lives.”

In Gratitude,

-Y. J., Mumbai (Entrepreneur)

“Coaching has changed the way I work by re-iterating the importance of discipline and forced the mind to “take the bull by the horns,” especially goal-setting and its structured pursuit. Three apparent changes in me now are: 1) I am now committed to success. 2) I believe in the method to be followed to achieve success. 3) I am a better listener.”

– U. M., Mumbai (Business Development, Real Estate)

“Coaching has made me think about myself again. I have started thinking positive again, it has also highlighted my strengths. I can actually see the changes…I’m not thinking about money all the time anymore and stressing out but enjoying little things. My priority is to remain this way.”

– T. A., Mumbai (Hairstylist)

“The journey of Coaching has filled me up with new and improved discoveries of myself. Training and redirecting my mind to look at every situation in my life as an opportunity to challenge myself and overcome all my self imposed fears and notions. Will carry all these discoveries throughout.”

– P. B., Mumbai (Lifestyle & Grooming)

“This is with reference to the training which was held by Ms. Bina Jhaveri for last six months, I would like to thank you for identifying me and giving me an opportunity of being a part of this training. It has helped me a lot to improvise on many aspects of my professional as well as personal life. The training sessions has really helped me by getting a positive attitude and also it has helped me to create positive environment as well as motivate others. Also thank you for giving such an excellent trainer.  Once again I would like to express my gratitude for identifying my name for this training.”

– N.V. , Mumbai (Infrastructure)

“Coaching has changed my life.  Mentally, I am more stable, I don’t get frustrated now and it has helped me make better decisions.  I have become more independent and believe in myself. I no longer delay situations or put up with negative vibes or nonsense.  I have also realized the importance of taking care of my health.  In turn, I communicate much better and build stronger rapport with people around me.”

– R. Shah, Mumbai (Infrastructure)

“Coaching has helped me in ways I never thought possible.  Some of these include using my intuition and changing the way I make choices and follow beliefs.  My micro planning and thinking process has improved and opened up which is essential in the work I do.  I would surely recommend Coaching to other people. It’s taught me leadership is more than just being a boss, it’s taking along a team, all together, with personal touches and through building relationships.”

– P. Jain, Mumbai (Infrastructure)

“You are an excellent trainer and have inspired me to continue learning with an open and positive mind. I appreciate all your hard work and your teaching approach, it’s meant so much to me.”

– Nitin V., Mumbai, India (Project Head, Neev Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.)

“Bina possesses an inapt ability to understand the larger picture of an organizations requirements, thus helping in goal formulation and brand development. Couple that with her tactical expertise on human relations and process building, she makes a terrific coach and strategic partner.  Bina is fun, high-energy and continues to innovate through the programs she develops.”

– Nicholas J., Los Angeles, California (Chase Bank of Manhattan)

“Ms. Jhaveri has extraordinary ability to connect with business leaders. She seems to have a remarkable acumen in business matters that enables her to provide business clients the necessary performance improvement soft skills or solutions necessary to achieve a great deal of personal and/or professional success in leadership. “

“As a Certified Executive Coach and a Master Spirit Life Coach, she possesses uncanny abilities to ascertain and analyze a business client’s particular strengths or weaknesses and recommend solutions to achieve a holistic perspective on how he or she may approach life and business for success. “

“Ms. Jhaveri’s diverse marketing experience at major American corporations along with her professional training and educational preparation in the United States have all extensively prepared her to effectively recommend viable business solutions for any productivity challenges relating to marketing and customer relations. She is very pleasant to work with and seems committed to providing superior customer service. “

– Dr. Matthew Isaac, Palm Springs, California (M.A., M.A. Ed., Ph.D.)

“Bina is a goal oriented and success driven personality and collaborating with her will always be a pleasure. I can recommend her without hesitation as an Independent Professional Life Coach. Way to go!! Keep up the great work Bina!”

Top Qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity

– Mr. Vinit G., Mumbai, India (Director, ACE Publications, Pinnacle Polytrade and Mystique Productions)

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