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There is a Chinese notion that in addition to north and south, east and west, the most important orientation is “in.” It is because of this inward focus that the Chinese culture looked for paradise inside of things, just as western culture looked upward and outside. In Chinese art, this orientation caused a search for ‘a world within a world.’ And Chinese stones began to bring this notion to life through jewelry and Zen teachings. A to Zen took inspiration from this symbolism and developed its logo with four stones, representing the four human levels: mind, body, spirit and super-spirit.

As every human being goes through eternal change, it is a constant reminder that life is not a straight line but rather full of curves and full circles. It symbolizes new beginnings, renewal and hope for the future and a celebration of our own quest for growth and the love of life.

A to Zen celebrates the complete individual by taking pride in being a global company specializing in Executive, Leadership and Spirit Coaching. Based out of Mumbai, India our client reach spans across India and the United States.


To be recognized as an international best-practice coaching company guiding executives and leaders to become better achievers and human beings.



Our mission is to bring to light that every individual can achieve a perfect life and that they are capable of mastering anything they truly want to accomplish.

For more information on A to Zen or our various Coaching Programs, please call +91 9819969069 (in India) or 1-626-888 BINA. You may also reach me via email at atozencoaching@gmail.com

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