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This ole tale has been told a thousand times yet is a distinct topic of conversation with leaders today and over the years.

Time Management is probably one of the biggest commonalities amongst the most successful people around the world. If you can achieve this with ease, your half way there!

Managing your time means managing your day. Managing your day means managing your priorities. Managing your priorities means managing your to-do’s and so on. When you master this, it gives you an immense sense of accomplishment and fulfillment because you suddenly feel on top of your game. You’re achieving those goals and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So Is Time Management an Art or Necessity? Let’s take a look at both.

1. It’s Art because not everyone can do this naturally. Some people require assistance or tools to master this part of their life. Others possess a natural skill and can do it almost intuitively and instinctively.  They even get a sense of high from this daily practice. Moreover, add your own style quotient to the mix and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece in the making!

2. A Necessity because on a practical and realistic level, if you do not manage your time, it will eventually manage you. It will begin impacting other areas of your life such as stress levels, health, sense of accomplishment and even self-esteem. You either ride time or it will ride you! It’s important to know that more than ever before, we live in times that require a lot more out of us. It is almost a given to be multi-dimensional and multi-task today. To expect more and more out of yourself.

And let’s not forget work! It’s a big part of each of us. Whether you run your own business or have an employeer, there are more and more expectations required of oneself.

So what would you say? Is taking charge of your time/day/priorities an art or necessity?

I’d say, it’s a combination of both! A bit of art and a bit of necessity make for a delicious cup of Artful Necessity!

So how does one begin

1. Planning is key: Early morning before your day begins is the best time to plan your day. If not, try the night before…

2. Realistic goal-setting is crucial: That means 10 things in a day instead of 50! You only have so many hours so be practical.

3. Prioritizing tasks into categories keeps them managable: Categorize by Must Do, Nice to Do, Meetings and Planning.

4. Leave room for unexpected things during the day: Whether it’s 2 hours a day or less/more for you, keep a buffer to tackle what’s important for YOU.

5. Don’t let other people’s emergencies OR priorities become yours: Keep phone calls, meetings and casual jibber to a minimum. You won’t beleive how much time you waste…you can add 1 whole hour to your day if you stay in control and focused at the tasks on hand.

6. Learn to be easy on yourself:  Over-expectation can lead to disappointment and impractical thinking. Do your best and measure goals over a period of time such as a month or quarter, not hourly or daily. Reflect weekly so you can improve your skills but in the long run, trust and belief in what you can personally handle comfortably will persevere.

Put the above Tips to use and feel lighter, work smarter and see your life change!

For in-dept views on Time Mastery or Programs, please contact me for a Coaching Consultation specific to your requirements.


Here’s To Your Continued Success…. :)





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A to Zen Coaching would like to wish each of you a Very Happy Valentine’s Day! May this day make you stop and celebrate love, life and people. Although every day is meant for that, we often forget when we are busy living our daily lives.

May Love rank the highest in your priorities and may you always surround yourself around good souls.

Spread Joy, Laughter and Love!


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Please do checkout today’s article in Times of India, THE SPEAKING TREE edition on Affirming Your Life!

Hope you enjoy it :)


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As published in Times of India, February 2012 – Speaking Tree Edition.

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