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It is always very heart-warming and gratifying to hear back from our students about their success stories and to listen to their thoughts about our programs.

Today, I am writing to share just one such wonderful story with you. The student who I want to talk about is Bina Jhaveri.

A graduate of California State University and a Global Marketing Consultant, Bina had a wide variety of international programs to choose from when it came to her Life Coach training needs. But when she researched our internationally accredited programs, our convenient course format and our affordable price, she chose us.

Bina graduated from Symbiosis Coaching as a Certified Executive Coach and a Certified Master Spirit Life Coach.

“I found Symbiosis to be the only practical, internationally accredited program for Coaching out of India”, says Bina. “I also got a very good feeling about it after having an in-depth conversation with the Chief Education Officer. He seemed to answer all my questions and erase any doubts I had. Moreover, I found Symbiosis to be very cost-effective compared to other programs I researched online. The course material and lectures were easy to follow and interesting. The structure overall was very convenient and worked with my lifestyle. I found it easy to keep up with, and enjoyed what I learnt.”

Bina is now a highly successful Life Coach operating out of Mumbai, and her practice – A to Zen Coaching – is thriving!

She already has two major Corporations as her clients and is coaching their top executives – including the Executive Vice President – on a weekly basis.

But that’s not all.

She is also working with clients in Los Angeles through Skype. And the best part is – because of her skills as a Life Coach that she gained while enrolled in the Certified Master Spirit Life Coach program, her clients are seeing major transformations in their lives. And that is what she finds truly gratifying.

In addition, Bina is a regular contributor to “The Speaking Tree” edition of The Times of India. Here is a link to one of her recently published articles:

In fact, Bina’s Life Coaching practice is now keeping her so busy that she has already hired an assistant to work with her and help her grow the business.

Bina’s success story tells us about the fantastic opportunities available to Life Coaches, it tells us about how exciting it can be when you achieve success as a Life Coach, and it reminds us how each one of us can make a real difference in our clients’ lives.
It also tells us about the excellent reputation and standing of our programs, not just among individuals, but also in the business and corporate world.

Please join me in congratulating Bina on her tremendous achievements as a Life Coach!

Best Regards,

Sunil Lala, CLC
Chief Education Officer
Symbiosis Coaching

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I had to had to had to share this piece of amazing writing with you here. It is so articulately put yet so relatable and accurate! I hope you gain a personal sense of attachment to this letter in your own way.

If this touches you at all, in any way, please do interact with me on my blog and let me know! I was absolutely moved by it. :) Continue reading “A Relationship That Matters To You Most…” »

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