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Love is in the Air

The monsoons bring about a feeling of nostalgia; conjuring up memories of hot cocoa, cinnamon cookies, curling up with a good book or catching up on some cozy conversation. What is it about the rain that makes people feel dreamy, almost as if time is standing still and all that matters is the very moment. If only we could slow down enough to always feel like this…

Watching the drizzle brings about the realization of how truly amazing nature can be. It affects our mood, alters our thoughts and also has the ability to bring love a little bit closer to our hearts. Afterall, being trapped indoors does make for some quality-time with close ones whether it’s your special one, children, friends or family. This time also gives us the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and make amends with many things going astray.  With busy lifestyles and everyone juggling a plethora of things all at the same time, it’s no wonder that the quality of pure love is escaping us today. When we actually do manage take a breath, it’s only to exhale. So if the rain inspires something in you…such as  the love to paint, breaking into a groove, penning down some thoughts, cooking up a gourmet feast or connecting over a game of chess, do give yourself this seasonal break – consciously. It’s always important to re-connect with all things LOVE.

This time of the year (being half way through 2013), is also the opportune time to assess your Gratitude Quotient. It’s only through understanding how much you have all around you and inside you, everyday, can you attract more of the same. This includes appreciating the special people in our lives…the ones who touch us, love us, take care of us, accept us, teach us and love us back as well as our individual beauty, strength, resilience and personal power. It makes everything we do much more worthwhile.

So this weekend, take on a small personal challenge and find some time to indulge in the rainbow of love, whether it’s window-watching, redecorating the house or entertaining at home over rain-friendly treats, make it happen with a bit more dewey-love.

And don’t forget to add a dash of inner sunshine while you’re at it! 😉

Happy Weekend …

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